Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Second Anniversary

It is time to celebrate! I need to open a bottle of something special to commemorate the Second Anniversary of my blog.

Where has the time gone? Sometimes it seems like I just started my blog yesterday, and other times it seems like I having been writing for many years. What is most important to me is that I still love writing this blog, that my passion has not diminished one iota. Though I never expected it would wane. I am still thrilled by the diverse world of food, wine and spirits. There is always more to learn, more to experience. And I have certainly learned and experienced much over the past year.

I must give thanks to my family, my friends, my readers and everyone else who has contributed or supported me in this endeavor. Please keep providing me your input, comments and suggestions. Let this blog be a dialogue rather than a soliloquy.

In honor of my Second Anniversary, I am holding a new contest and I will make this easy to enter. Just add a comment here and you are entered. And I will enter you twice if your comment recommends a rather unique restaurant, wine or spirit.

So what can you win? The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant or wine store of their choice, provided I can purchase it online or by telephone. So start posting your comments and good luck. The deadline will be May 23.

Go forth to eat and drink with passion!


Dale Cruse said...

Congratulations, Rich. Here's to many more anniversaries!

Kristen said...

Richard, I am very impressed with the depth of your blog and commitment to it. Happy year 2 and I look forward to reading year 3!

Sunday Cook said...

Congratulations Rich! Enjoy your anniversary. I can't think of a single thing to recommend to you that would be new to you!

Robert Dwyer said...

Hey Richard,

Congrats on 2 years. Like I said on Twitter, I think it's an even more significant milestone than 1 year because you've proven you can bust out content over the course of 2 seasonal cycles. Here's to many more year for your blog!

It's not very unusual, but the Brancott Reserve New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc available for $12.99 at Costco Waltham is a fabulous wine at a great price. :)


Naitasia said...

Congrats on making it through two years. The hard part is over so let the fun begin.

Jacqueline Church said...

Well Congrats to you my friend! You do an amazing job here, really. I don't know when you sleep!

I just had a trip to Provence. Right here in Boston at Miel. It's overlooked and should not be. Best bouillabaise, great raw bar, perfect touches like authentic soup au pistou. Provence Rose...

Many happy blog returns!

Rob Bralow said...

Congrats Rich!

Dish This! said...

congratulations!! I know nada about wine, but perhaps I can recommend one of the best muffins/bakeries around I think - Ivy's in Canton?