Sunday, September 20, 2009

Culture: The Word on Cheese--Issue #4

Gouda is great! I really enjoy the taste of Gouda cheese, especially aged Gouda. So, I was very excited to see that the latest issue of Culture: The Word on Cheese has a cover photo of Gouda, as well as a lengthy article on Gouda inside. Culture is one of my favorite new magazines and each issue has been even better than the previous one. If you enjoy cheese, you have to buy this magazine.

Some of my favorite articles this issue include:
  • Pairing cheese with Spanish sherry. For example, pair a Fino Sherry with a Manchego cheese.
  • A directory of cheese shops, markets, restaurants and more in Chicago.
  • All about Dutch Gouda
  • Making Fontina cheese in Italy's Valle D'Aosta, including information on their Batailles des Reines, where dairy cows battle each other
  • Pairing cider, including hard cider, with cheese
  • Recipes using Comte, including the potato and comte galette
A local blogger and friend, Jackie of the Leather District Gourmet, also has written an article in this issue. The article, From Cave to Cart to Cooking, is a well-written piece about Terrance Brennan, who brought the cheese cart to American restaurants. The article even mentions Dutch Gouda numerous times.

So run out and buy the newest issue of Culture! And then read it while savoring some cheese and wine, or sherry, or cider.