Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vermont: Food & Wine Destination

Do you only visit Vermont in the winter, to ski and engage in other winter sports? Well consider Vermont as a destination for the rest of the year too, from spring to fall. I have long loved visiting Vermont in the summer, usually staying in either Rutland or Burlington. As I have friends who have lived in Burlington, I have also visited the state in the spring and fall. Every season has something special to offer.

Vermont is a fine destination for food and wine lovers, especially for locally produced products. You can visit farms, farmer's markets, wineries, breweries, dairies, cheese makers, and much more. A great starting place for additional information is the Vermont Agency of Agriculture. Check out their Tourism page for lists and maps of tons of interesting places. Plus, while visiting Vermont, be sure to stop at the information booths and stands to pick up more local information and maps.

Recently, I spent the weekend in Vermont, attending the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival as well as visiting numerous other foodie destinations. Unfortunately, I did miss visiting the Vermont Yak Company as the owners happened to be away that weekend. Maybe I will check them out sometime soon. Over the next couple weeks, I will write about many of the places and items I found in Vermont, providing recommendations for if you choose to visit Vermont.

If you have some of your own Vermont recommendations, feel free to share them here.

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Unknown said...

Hi Richard,

Sorry we missed you during your recent cheese-laden visit to Vermont. Next time you're up here, drop us a line-- we'd love to see you. (Our Butler's Restaurant is a Wine Spectator 'Best of' winner.)