Friday, October 2, 2009

Prince Pizzeria: $5 Lunch Buffet

Prince Pizzeria. Its leaning tower has been a well-known landmark on Rt.1 for my entire life. You can't miss it as you drive down Rt.1 through Saugus. I have been patronizing this restaurant for many years, since I was a child, and I still go there, especially for lunch.

Route 1 certainly has plenty of lunch options, from McDonald's to the new Mount Vernon. So why choose to go to Prince? Well, Prince offers a fast, inexpensive and tasty lunch. What more could you want? It is a very casual place and family friendly. Plus, almost everyone loves pizza so how can you go wrong? I am a pizza lover so I am strongly lured by what Prince has to offer.

For only $5, you can get Prince's all-you-can-eat pizza buffet! That is certainly a very inexpensive deal. Your buffet comes with ziti, sauce and garlic bread (pictured above). Simple fare but it tastes good and is very fresh. I always have a bowl of pasta with my lunch. Though you can eat as much pasta as you want.

Then comes the pizza. There are usually five different pizzas available at any one time, though they commonly change during lunch. You'll find cheese pizza, meat pizzas, veggie pizzas and combinations. The pizza has a thicker crust than some, and I enjoy their sauce and cheeses. The pizzas all come directly from the oven so they are quite fresh. At most pizza joints, you are lucky if you can get three slices of pizza for $5. Here, you could easily have six slices, or more, for your $5. What a bargain!

You even get dessert, fruit pizza. Sometimes the pizzas are single fruits, like apple, and other times they are a mix of fruits, like above. I usually don't make it to dessert as I eat too many slices of the regular pizzas.

So if you are seeking lunch during the week, and you enjoy pizza, then check out Prince Pizzeria. You won't find too many other places that will give you so much food for only $5. And maybe you will see me there too.

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jo said...

My parents met when they lived 3 houses from each other in Topsfield and they spent their dating years at the Carhop across from the Leaning tower and at Prince. subsequently I have been 'going to Prince' since before I was born. Arturo's son still works making the pizzas and whenever Mom comes up from Virginia she tries to find a way to go for an eggplant and onion pizza. In fact, she's coming up this weekend to close the Maine house for the winter and we are meeting at Prince. It is an institution. There are many who would scoff at the crust, the thickness, how it doesn't meet the current foodie standards of pizza, but I don't care, it's pure nostalgia.

Richard Auffrey said...

Thanks Jo for the great memory. It definitely is an institution in Saugus, and despite the haters, I still love their pizza.