Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Saké Day!

Raise an ochoko, a Saké cup like the ones above, today and celebrate Saké Day ("Nihonshu no Hi"). Saké Day originated in 1978 by a declaration of the Japan Saké Brewers Association. It is now celebrated worldwide, though local celebrations are very sparse.

Why was October 1 chosen? Interestingly, the Chinese character for Saké () is very similar to the Chinese zodiac sign for the Rooster (), the tenth sign. Thus, the first day of the tenth month, October, became Saké Day. It may also be due in part to the fact that October is generally the start of the Saké brewing season.

What are you doing today to celebrate? Once again, I am unaware of any significant Saké events in the Boston area to commemorate this holiday. I think maybe next year, we will need to take a more active role in promoting this holiday, trying to get more participation from local restaurants, bars and other places. If you have any ideas, please forward them to me.

I will definitely open bottle of Saké tonight, if not multiple bottles. Why don't you do the same? If you don't open a bottle, at least try to spread the word about Saké today.


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