Saturday, October 3, 2009

OurGlass Wine Co.: Changes

Recently, I raised some concerns about the type of changes that were occurring at the OurGlass Wine Co., which was now under new ownership. I felt that the visible changes were transforming what was once a boutique wine store into a more generic liquor store. Signs in the windows advertising 30-packs of beer, sales of cigarettes and alcohol nips, a decrease in the amount of wine being carried.

David Saul, the new Manager/Wine Buyer at OurGlass, saw my article and invited me to the store so he could share his plans for the future of the wine store. He wanted to assure me that OurGlass was not going to become just another liquor store. I accepted is invite and was glad to get a chance to hear his thoughts.

We spoke for about an hour or so, and he said numerous things which sounded very hopeful to me. David also came across as very sincere and passionate about wine and food. His attitude was reassuring and my fears about the store may be unwarranted.

First, David stated that the signage, nips, cigarettes and such are intended simply to bring in a larger customer base, to make the store more profitable. They don't intend to compete with liquor stores like Kappy's, but more just to cater to additional needs beyond simply wine and food. This is understandable, especially in our current economy. It can be very difficult for a boutique winery to sell just wine.

Second, David indicated that they would be expanding their wine selection, to fill existing gaps, and will continue to carry many boutique wines. They will be adding more wine racks, and working out ways to better use their space to display more wines. They might also eventually add some more high-end liquors too. Plus, they will carry more artisan beers.

They will hold wine tastings every Saturday, as well as other special tasting events. And at their tastings, there will always be some type of food to accompany the wine.

David is open to input from his customers. He wants to make this store an excellent wine destination, and it will obviously take some time to get where he intends the store to be. I believe his intent and look forward to how he changes the store.

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