Thursday, January 7, 2010

Come Taste Saké With Me!

Please join me for an exciting kikishu, a Saké tasting, and learn about this fascinating and delicious Japanese beverage. If your only experience with Saké has been that hot flask served at many Asian restaurants, then forget about it and come learn the pleasures of chilled Saké. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of premium Saké.

On Saturday, January 30, from 1pm-4pm, I will be leading a Saké tasting at the Wine Connextion in North Andover. This will be fun, informative and delicious. You will get to taste about 9 different Sakés and maybe even a Saké cocktail. You will learn all about Saké, from why they use those funny little cups to the differences between the strange terms Junmai, Honjozo, Ginjo and Daiginjo. There will also be food to sample so you can learn how versatile Saké can be and that it is not just for pairing with Asian food.

Some of the Sakés we will sample include:
Hakushika Junmai Ginjo
Nishinoseki Tezukuri Junmai
Onikoroshi Wakatake Ginjo

These are all very good, and were personally recommended by me to Sam Messina, the owner of the Wine Connextion. We will likely also be able to taste a Sparkling Saké, a Koshu (aged Saké), and a Dai Ginjo. I should also note that Sam is selling these Sakés at very low prices, making them a great value as well.

I hope you can make it to this tasting! It will be a perfect opportunity to learn more about this curious and tasty beverage.

Wine ConneXtion
117 Main Street
North Andover, MA
Phone: 877-469-5025


Kristen said...

Sounds fascinating!

I have never been a huge Saki fan but if anyone can get me enthused about it, it would be you! I am looking at my schedule to see if I can make it...

Richard Auffrey said...

I hope you can make it!

Derek F. said...

This is going to be a great time!! cant wait!!