Tuesday, January 5, 2010

WBC Scholarship Fund: Donate Now

Would you like to support some wine bloggers, to give them a chance to attend the 2010 Wine Bloggers Conference?

A Scholarship Fund has been created to sponsor selected recipients with funding to attend the Conference in June 2010 in Walla Walla, Washington. There will be a selection committee which will determine which applicants receive scholarships. Funds will be donated by wineries, PR agencies, wine business industry members, and individuals. If you wish to donate to this fund, please check out how on their Scholarship website. contact us! They accept donations from all wine industry companies, as well as individuals.

There is no minimum donation though they do hope for a minimum $95 donation which will register a citizen blogger. Funds are awarded based on the committee selection process, and are pooled. No one donation will be given to a specific individual.

Please also check out the Scholarship website to better understand why you might want to donate, and the benefits that your donation can bring.
In these tough economic times, donations are more important than ever. Thanks to everyone who does give to this cause.


The Wine Whore said...

This reminds me! I need to register for the conference.... are you going?

Richard Auffrey said...

I might be going. Not sure yet.