Monday, October 7, 2013

Rant: Don't Forget Those Less Fortunate

You are probably looking forward to the holidays, starting to make plans for the fine foods & drinks that you will enjoy and share with family and friends. You might be perusing cookbooks or websites to locate decadent recipes to thrill your guests. You might be planning which expensive wine to uncork for your special friends. You might be pondering which pricey gifts to purchase for your family and friends. It can be a time of gluttony and excess, of greed and hedonism.

However, stop and ponder another significant thought: Don't forget those less fortunate.

Last week's Rant was my most important Rant of the year, but this Rant is a close second so I need all of my readers to pay careful attention. Let us work together to help those who need some assistance, even if it requires a little sacrifice on our part. Make this a meaningful holiday season, rather than a selfish one.

Though many of us love and enjoy the holiday season, it can be a very sad and disappointing time for those with little or nothing. Every community has some people who find it difficult merely to pay for basic essentials, let alone to buy holiday gifts or prepare a special holiday feast. The government shutdown is contributing to these problems, and the holidays won't be happy for some people. We can help though, and try to bring some joy to the less fortunate. Share your largess with others, helping those who truly need it.

Even though these are tough economic times for many of us, we all probably can help out others, even if only in little ways. If you cannot spare money, then donate your time, maybe spending it at a food bank or shelter. Or make something to give to others, such as baking a pie, cookies or casserole. Donate old clothes or other durable items which you no longer use. There are many different ways to help out others besides just monetary donations.

During this season, there will be numerous restaurants, chefs, shops and others which will hold special charitable events. Talk about these events, promote them on social media, and spread the word far and wide. Attend those events, encouraging others to do the same. Give to your favorite charities, whatever they might be. I want to hear about your charitable efforts to help those less fortunate. Be creative in your efforts, even if your own finances are tight. That would be the best gift I could receive from my readers, the knowledge that you have all helped out those less fortunate.

I will do my own part to help the less fortunate, to share what I possess. Year round, I promote numerous food and wine-related charitable events and probably will promote even more this season. I will give to several charities as well, even if I only can give small amounts, to those which are personally close to my heart. I will try to help in a number of different ways and I strongly encourage all of my fellow bloggers to do the same this season.

Let us share with all during this joyous holiday season.

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