Monday, September 30, 2013


It couldn't be any simpler so listen carefully. If you have had too much alcohol to drink, don't drive. Any questions?

Once again, I step forward with probably my most important Rant of the year. It is an absolutely vital issue for everyone who enjoys alcohol of any type, from wine to beer, from Scotch to cocktails. With the advent of October, holiday season is here, a potentially dangerous period for those people who over indulge, to drink too much at parties, feasts and gatherings. There is nothing wrong with that, and they can drink as much as they desire, as long as they give up their keys and do not drive.

As I said multiple times before, and which continues to remain relevant, "If there is any question, no matter how small, whether you are too intoxicated to drive, then don't. If your family or friends think you have had too much to drink, don't drive. Just don't. It is not worth the risk by any calculation." Err on the side of caution so that if you have any doubt of your capacity to drive, then please do not drive. Take a taxi, catch a ride with someone else, walk or sleep over. Just do not drive!

Rationally, we all know the dangers of drinking and driving. We endanger our own lives as well as the lives of others. Every year, the news reports about terrible auto accidents, some with fatalities, that occur because a driver was intoxicated. Families are torn apart, lives are ruined, and much more. Why don't we learn from all these incidents? Even if you don't get in an accident, you might get arrested for drunk driving, with all the attendant high costs. You might even end up in jail.

About 17,000 people are arrested for drunk driving in Massachusetts each year. That is a huge figure, showing that far too many people still don't understand that they should not drink and drive. How difficult is it to understand? DON'T DRINK & DRIVE! I am sure drunk driving incidents in other states are just as significant.

Each time you drink and drive, you endanger yourself, your passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and people in other vehicles. Let someone else drive you, whether it be a friend or family. Take a taxi or public transportation. Leave your car where it is parked as you can always pick it up the next day. You have plenty of options so there is absolutely no reason to drink and drive. Be responsible.

I don't want to lose any family or friends this year due to a drunk driving accident. I don't think anyone wants to lose their loved ones either. So please just don't!


Frederick Wright said...

Good advice indeed! Not really an issue for us since we live downtown and don't drive, but when we have friends visiting from the 'suburbs', we generally offer them accommodation in our guest room if they've imbibed too much, or even if they've imbibed at all.

Reynalda Buckley said...

That's true, it's better to be safe than sorry. It's not worth it to gamble your safety. Staying over at someone else's home might not be most people's preferred option, but being charged with DWI isn't worth it.

DUI Defense Team

DUI Attorney Tampa said...

Better late than never. But driving while drinking alcohol is way too dangerous. It is life threatening act and many people get killed because of drinking and driving.


Roman Barnes said...

Thanks for the reminder, Richard. Kudos for making a shout-out post about DUI, so that everyone would listen and realize its consequences. The offender isn’t only the one whose life is in danger, but everyone that they would potentially cross paths with. DUI incidents are becoming alarmingly high, and I hope this post could help spread awareness and lead the way to responsible driving.

Roman Barnes @ J and J Law

Eliseo Weinstein said...

The same holds true here in Texas; a large number of people that are arrested for drinking and driving. In fact, I have a friend that had been locked up several times before the judge decided it was too many. He (the judge) then decided that he would send my friend to the penitentiary. I didn't realize that you could get penitentiary time for drunk driving.

Stephanie Waters said...

This advice is so true! So many people drink and drive and put innocent people in jeopardy. One of the first things to go when drinking is one's sense of judgment and people incorrectly feel they are fine to drive. The consequences of driving impaired should be enough to call a ride, but if not, think about others!