Monday, April 16, 2018

Rant: We Need More Love For Bread Pudding

Last Tuesday evening, I enjoyed one of my favorite desserts, Bread Pudding with a salty caramel sauce, created by Chef Marisa Iocco at Spiga in Needham. The first spoonful was pure bliss and I have to admit that I might have let out a soft moan of pleasure. Every subsequent spoonful was absolutely delicious, a hedonistic treat which I cannot recommend enough.

I first tasted Chef Iocco's bread pudding back in 2009, and it captivated me then, being just as delicious now as it was all those years ago. I've joked before, recommending you start your meal with the bread pudding, just in case you are otherwise too full to eat it after your dinner. I certainly wouldn't hold it against you though if you actually did order the bread pudding first.

The origin of bread pudding extends back to the 11th century, as people tried to find ways to use their stale bread. A couple hundred years later, in England, it was known as "poor man's pudding" because it was popular with the lower classes. Essentially, bread pudding is made with some type of bread over which a custard-like sauce is poured before it is cooked. Numerous other ingredients can be added, from nuts to fruits, and you can use any type of bread, or bread-like food, such as muffins or donuts. It is relatively easy to make and can be absolutely delicious.

So why don't we have a local bakery that specializes in bread pudding?

Cupcakes have already had their time in the spotlight. It's time for something else, another dessert to take the world by storm. My vote for a replacement goes to Bread Pudding. It is a perfect comfort food, and is versatile so that you can create many different flavored bread puddings. I've been asking for this for the last five years, hoping some adventurous entrepreneur would go forward with this idea.

There is a bread pudding bakery in California, Schulzie's Bread Pudding, and they advertise 108 flavors, broken down into Classics, Chocolates, Fruits and Seasonal. 108 flavors! Why can't such a bakery start up in the Boston area? They don't even have to half the number of flavors as Schulzie's. If the quality of the bread pudding is good enough, I'm sure you'll get enough customers. Chef's Iocco's bread pudding has been famous for many years.

So, let's have someone step up and start a bread pudding bakery!

Readers, would you support a local bakery specializing in bread pudding? What local restaurants have you enjoyed bread pudding? Do you make bread pudding at home?

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