Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bergamot Continues To Shine

Since my initial, and extremely impressive, visit to Bergamot, I have returned for two suibsequent visits, hoping that its quality remained consistent. I need not have worried as both visits have been equally as compelling as my first, and I find myself eager to dine there again soon.  If you have not yet dined at Bergamot, then make it an imperative to visit in the near future.

On my second dinner at Bergamot, I was accompanied by three family members, two of whom had never eaten there before. Everyone was extremely pleased with the dining experience, from the food to the service, and there was not a single complaint. I did not take any notes or photos that evening, simply enjoying the meal. But, I can say that the Berkshire Pork Belly Ravioli was once again amazing, such a delicious combination of flavors and textures, something I could even make my main entree. The Hudson Valley Duck Breast also was once again a scrumptious dish, cooked just perfectly.

On my third visit, I sat alone at the bar, as I wanted to check out the bar menu.  You can still order off the regular menu, but there is an extra menu available too, with items like a Lobster Melt and Griddled Burger. I began with a pleasant glass of French rosé, but was slightly disappointed that the Pork Belly Ravioli was not on the menu. The menu changes frequently, which is a good thing, though I miss the ravioli. But there was plenty else on the menu which appealed to me.

I started with the Crab Bisque ($10), with a soft scrambled egg and green garlic. The creamy bisque had a strong crab flavor and the egg added an intriguing texture and taste.

Off the bar menu, I ordered the Bacon & Eggs ($9), which certainly elevated this breakfast dish. You had an over easy egg, with pieces of bacon, atop chickpea ravioli, with black trumpet mushrooms, favas and cippolini onions. What a blend of delectable flavors, the earthy mushrooms complementing the salty bacon and moist egg yolk. At Bergamot, they understand how to blend ingredients into a harmonious whole, making the sum even more impressive than its components.

At this point, I also ordered a Pisco Sour, which I have been hooked on since my recent trip to Chile, and it was satisfying, not too sweet and nicely refreshing.

As I perused the Dessert Menu, the Taza Chipotle-Chocolate Cake ($10) stood out to me, with its caramelized banana ice cream, marshmallows, peanuts and graham crackers. The cake was more like a chewy brownie with a touch of spiciness.  The ice cream tasted like fresh bananas, and I made sure to finish the entire plate. A perfect ending to my dinner.

Service was once again impressive, the entire team working very well together being courteous and attentive, without being obtrusive.  The other nearby diners all seemed to be enjoying themselves very well too. The consistency of Bergamot, on three separate visits, is a strong indicator of their excellence. Their creative and delectable food complements their interesting wine and cocktail list. Bergamot has earned my highest recommendation, and is one of my favorite restaurants of 2011. I will certainly be dining there again very soon and hope to see you there.

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Meghan@travelwinedine said...

Everything at Bergamot is spectacular. I can not wait to eat there again!