Monday, February 24, 2014

Rant: Bronuts, Ramen Burgers & the Doh! Nut

When the Cronut craze struck, Griddler's created their own Bronuts, a burger topped by a fried egg, and with a maple-bacon glazed donut as the bun. It was recently reported that PYT, a restaurant in Philadelphia, will open a location in Boston, bringing with them the Doh! Nut, a cheeseburger topped by chocolate-covered bacon and with a glazed donut bun. And Boston Magazine has been discussing the new Ramen Burger at Ki Bistro, which has a bun made of ramen noodles. I'm positive that other strange burgers, as well as other unusual food combinations, will continue to be created and promoted, discussed and debated.

When these items get discussed on social media, many people evidence their disgust, including plenty of food writers. People complain that such items are way over the top, that there is no need for such strange combinations. They state that they wouldn't eat such items, that they have much better taste than to consume such a monstrosity. These unusual foods are seen more as a joke than anything serious, and thus worthy of being ridiculed.

Doth protest too much! And sorry, but I'm not buying it.

A significant number of these people will still eat, at least once, these strange burgers and other concoctions. They might claim it is in the name of research or journalism, that they are somehow obligated to eat these items. However, that is probably not the case. It is much more likely a voluntary choice and partially a desire to garner more readers by covering a hot topic. There is also a significant element that deep down, most passionate food lovers have an insatiable curiosity to try new foods, even those they claim sound disgusting.

All the burgers mentioned above, and similarly strange food combinations, are like Sirens calling to a food-loving Odysseus. You may not want to admit your desire to taste these bizarre combos, but that doesn't make the desire any less real. Though you could ignore them, there is a strong part of you that will give into your base desires and taste these items.

It doesn't make much difference if someone else gives a negative review of these items. That desire to try them, to taste for yourself, remains strong. That is also why these trends come and go, that these unusual items usually don't stay around too long. Restaurants understand that the novelty of these items has a short shelf life, but that they can capitalize on the curiosity of the public. It also drums up plenty of publicity for whatever restaurant decides to place such odd dishes on their menu.

So don't put on a superior attitude, claiming to be above such strange burgers and foods. We know there is a good chance you'll try them, that you will be helpless to resist the lure of these culinary Sirens. It won't ruin your reputation if you state that you want a taste. Just be honest and confess to your culinary curiosity.

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