Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Butter "UR" Biscuit: "A Warm Comfort To The Soul"

It began as a food truck and now has spawned a brick and mortar store in Beverly, on Rantoul Street. Butter "UR" Biscuit, which states it offers Latin Soul Cuisine, does have items like Empanadas, Caribbean Rice Bowls, Burritos, and Quesadillas, but their Biscuits are compelling and delicious. On their website, the owner noted, "It amazed me how something as simple as a warm biscuit being spread with honey butter can bring a warm comfort to the soul." I've only visited this restaurant a few times, so wanted to provide my initial impressions, and recommend you check it out. 

On their menu, they offer a number of baked goods, from Biscuits to Corn Bread. Their biscuits are made from scratch, and are quite large, fluffy and flaky. They are certainly some of the best biscuits available in the area. Plus, the menu has an assortment of Biscuit Sandwiches, filled with items like fried chicken, pulled pork, roasted rib eye steak,  and more. Sandwiches are priced about $7.50-$15, which I believe is reasonable considering the quality and quality of food you receive. 

The Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit ($8.50) is made with a buttermilk biscuit, two eggs your way, bacon and melted cheddar jack cheese. It was a delicious sandwich, with plenty of cheese, a fine way to start your day. The only minor issue is that a biscuit isn't always the best type of bread for a sandwich as the biscuit can be crumbly, and doesn't always hold together well while eating the sandwich. That's simply an issue with all biscuit sandwiches and not unique here. However, the buttery, fluffy biscuit is just so good, it's still worth it despite its issue.

The Cheesy Bird Biscuit ($13) is made with a buttermilk biscuit, fried chicken, a fried egg, and melted cheddar jack cheese. It can also be finished with a garlic sriracha aioli if you wish. This is likely going to qualify as one of my best dishes of the year. As I first looked at the sandwich, I could see that some of the cheese on the edges was delightfully crispy. There was an ample piece of fried chicken, which was crisp and moist, tasty and compelling. Add in the fried egg and this was pure comfort food, fueling the heart and soul. Highly recommended!

I intend to try some of their Latin dishes in the near future, but give a hearty recommendation to their biscuits and sandwiches. Beverly is becoming a excellent culinary destination and Butter "UR" Biscuit is one new restaurants which is helping that reputation. 

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