Monday, June 28, 2021

Rant: Not All Wines Need Special Days

Last Friday, June 25, was National Croatian Wine Day. This was the first official celebration, and the date has special meaning for Croatia as it was also the 30th Anniversary of Croatia's declaration of independence. In 1991, Croatia declared its independence from the Republic of Yugoslavia.

I attended two online Croatian wine tastings for the Wine Day, sampling five different Croatian wines, including a Malvasia Istriana, Pošip, Plavac Mali, and two Plavac Mali Rosés. Tasty wines that are unfamiliar to many Americans. It makes sense that Croatian wines need their own special wine day, to increase awareness, to expose more consumers to these delicious wines. They are currently a niche wine  and need greater recognition. 

The basic idea behind wine days is to promote a specific grape or wine. However, are all such days necessary and beneficial, or are some merely marketing ploys? 

To me, not all grapes and wines actually need their own Wine Day. Those which are already well known, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. don't need additional promotion. Their wine days become more of a marketing effort to sell specific wines. Cabernet Sauvignon is already a very popular grape so why does it really need its own special day? What does it really accomplish which warrants holding a special day of promotion? 

There are plenty of under appreciated grapes and wines, such as Assyrtiko or Sherry, which would benefit much more from their own special day rather than Cabernet. They need the publicity, to boost their sales and recognition. But many fewer wineries would support days promoting those under appreciated grapes and wines. Cabernet Sauvignon Day can draw in many more wineries, from all over the world. Thus, it is much easier, and profitable, to market Cabernet Day rather than Pinotage Day.

I would much rather see days celebrating the wine underdogs, helping to gain them recognition and new fans. I want people to broaden their palates, and taste new grapes and wines. Niche grapes and wines can benefit immensely from greater exposure. So, we need more wine days like National Croatian Wine Day. 

So rather than another Chardonnay Day, let us see Xynomavro Day or Madeira Day. What do you think?

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