Monday, August 15, 2022

Rant: Wander & Discover

The city of Boston has easily over 3,000 eating and drinking establishments, but how many of those places do you know? Even if you live in Boston, you probably still don't know all of the existing spots just in your own neighborhood. You probably know even less about the other Boston neighborhoods. If you live in Cambridge or Somerville, or even a suburb, you also probably don't know all of the eating and drinking spots near you. 

That should change!

There are likely numerous excellent restaurants, bakeries, markets, and bars you've never visited, or even know. Some may have received many accolades but you've never actually stopped there. Others are more hidden treasures, which rarely, if ever, get media attention, but are worthy spots anyway. You can return time and again to your favorite places, but it's probably better to also take some time to explore what else exists. You never know when or where you might discover a new favorite. 

So, during the rest of the summer as well as through the fall, why not revel in a sense of discovery. Be an explorer of your own neighborhood, and surrounding areas, and check out some of the interesting spots which you've never visited before. Expand your palate and try something different. Spend your time walking the streets, finding new places, getting to know the area much better. 

If you'd like some inspiration, then check out the example of my friend, Patrick Maguire of Server Not Servant, who has started a walking exploration of all of the neighborhoods of Boston. Check out his initial post about this endeavor, which explains his mission, as well as an article & video from CBS Boston. Patrick's post states that his primary objective is to: "Explore and showcase Boston’s neighborhoods by walking deep into every one of them, discovering hidden gems and the real ‘heart and soul’ of each hood." In addition, he will be raising money for two local charities, Make-A-Wish MA & RI and Stride for Stride

His endeavor will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, September 16, as he walks the streets of East Boston, planning to cover over 13 miles. He'll be writing about his experiences on his blog with plenty of photos, so nee an eye out for everything he finds on his walks.

And make plans for your own walking explorations, to wander & discover everything in your own neighborhood, as well as the surrounding ones.

Best of luck to Patrick!

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