Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Steamers Lobster Company & Lobster Poutine: St. John, New Brunswick

On our recent journey to Nova Scotia, we drove and because of the length of that drive, about 12 hours, we decided to roughly break the trip into two days. So, we chose to stay the night in St. John, New Brunswick. For dinner that evening, we ended up at Steamers Lobster Company, which turned out to be an excellent choice.

It's a very casual spot, with a nautiacal theme, and most of the menu consists of seafood, although there are a few non-seafood options too. For Appetizers, you'll find items like Bacon-Wrapped Scallops, Wild Alsaka Pollock Wings, and Oven Crunch Buffalo Shrimp. Their Deep Fried Platters include dishes like Clams & Chips, Fish & Chips, and a Salmon Burger. The Captain's Favorites include choices like New Brunswick Snow Crab, Poached Salmon Dinner, and a Chilled Seafood Tower.

I began with a cup of tasty Seafood Chowder ($8--all prices are in Canadian dollars). It was filled with plenty of seafood, in a thinner and creamy broth, and was quite tasty. Seafood chowder seems to be a more popular item than clam chowder in these parts of Canada. 

We also ordered an appetizer of Mussels ($13), plump and flavorful mussels in a delicious and light broth, perfect for bread dipping. 

For me, the highlight of the meal was an appetizer which I enjoyed as my entree, the Lobster Poutine ($25) Crisp french fries, topped by a light gravy (likely chicken), cheese curds, and a plentiful amount of lobster meat. A decadent and delicious treat, the fries generally held up well to the gravy, maintaining much of their crispness, and the sweet lobster meat was a fine addition. This would have been an excellent poutine without the lobster, but the addition of the lobster elevated the dish and pleased my palate. Highly recommended!

Unfortunately, I didn't take a pic of the Lobster Roll ($27), but it too was excellent, cold with very light mayo and plenty of sweet lobster meat. 

Service was excellent and this would be a fine, casual spot for delicious seafood if you ever visit St. John.

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