Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Waffle Love (With Perogies) In Halifax

On one of the days in Halifax, we spent some time walking around the city, with several planned stops for our wandering. For breakfast that morning, we decided to stop at Waffle Love. The small restaurant, which opened in 2019, is owned by a husband and wife team, Matt Webb and Ania Benko. It's a casual and unpretentious spot, dedicated to the waffle, but with nods to the perogie.

The Menu primarily consists of various Waffle dishes, nine options priced about $12-$15, most which are sweet, such as the Sweet On You Waffle, made with bananas, nutella, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce, and the Oreo Lover Waffle, made with an Oreo-ice cream sandwich, whipped cream, crushed Oreos, and chocolate drizzle. With any of the waffles dishes, you can add scrambled eggs, fruit, maple syrup or vanilla ice cream. They also serve two types of Home-Made Perogies, Potato & Cheese (3/$5, 6/$8, 8/$11) and Potato, Cheese & Bacon (3/$6, 6/$9, 8/$12). 

I opted for The Classic Waffle ($14.75), which was served with two scrambled eggs, real maple syrup fresh fruit, and 3 bacon perogies. The dish is normally served with just the potato & cheese perogies ($14) but I chose the bacon ones instead for a 75 cent upcharge. A hearty breakfast and everything was delicious. The waffle wasn't the typical Belgian waffle, and was softer rather than crisper. I enjoyed its fluffy texture and taste, especially covered with some butter. The fruit was fresh and sweet, and the eggs were cooked just right. 

The perogies were excellent, and quite large, with a creamy and flavorful filling of potatoes, cheese and bacon. The exterior was crisp, with a nice texture, contributing to the quality of these items. Some of the best perogies I've had in quite some time. You don't often see breakfast perogies offered on local menus but maybe that should change. 

While in Halifax, you definitely should seek out Waffle Love, and be sure to enjoy some of their perogies too. Delicious food, reasonable prices, and the service was very good. 

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