Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Dockside Donuts in Nova Scotia: Donut Poutine!

During our recent vacation in Nova Scotia, we stayed one evening at The Inn at Fisherman's Cove, located on the waterfront in Eastern Passage. I was excited to stay here because it meant I was very close to Dockside Donuts, a mini-donut food truck which I raved about last year. 

It's a simple idea, and I continue to wonder why a similar truck doesn't exist in the Boston area. Fresh, hot mini-donuts are prepared to order, and you get your choice of toppings for your donuts. They also serve freshly squeezed lemonade, in a few different flavors. Who wouldn't enjoy such a food truck? The truck is generally open from 1pm-8pm, so these donuts aren't made for breakfast, though you could save them for the next morning. 

The Mini-donuts are available as a 10-pack, with your choice of two favors, for $6, or a 36-pack, with four flavors, for $18. Since last year, the price of the 10-pack rose $1, and the 36-pack rose $3. That is a very reasonable increase considering inflation, and the rising cost of ingredients, fuel, etc. The increased prices are still good values considering the quality and quantity you receive. You should also consider that a 10-pack is roughly equivalent to 3-4 full-sized donuts for $6 is really a bargain.  

There are about 16 flavors available to top your donut, from Bananas Foster to S'Mores, Chocolate with Toasted Coconut to Boston Cream. Above, is the Old Fashioned Plain and the Death By Chocolate. New flavors get added all the time when inspiration strikes and they decide to concoct a intriguing new flavor. The donuts are also hot when you receive them, so you'll want to start eating them as soon as you receive them. At a regular donut shop, it's usually rare to find hot donuts. 

To accompany your donuts, you can get a Freshly Squeezed Lemonade (24 oz/$3.50), in flavors including Regular, Strawberry, Blueberry and Peach. I tried the Peach Lemonade and was delighted by its bright peach flavors, some tartness, and only a mild sweetness. Very refreshing and I would definitely order it again.

While visiting Nova Scotia, I would have stopped at Dockside Donuts anyway, but this time, I had another compelling reason to check them out, to try their Donut "Poutine." There's no Fries, Gravy or Curds, so it's not an actual poutine, but instead it's a fun play on the concept. Donuts instead of fries, sauces instead of gravy, and whipped cream rather than curds. It's essentially a Donut Sundae, so who wouldn't be interested? 

They have made a few different versions of this treat, and I got the banana version. The hot donuts are topped by banana and butterscotch sauces, whipped cream, banana slices and nuts. It was as delicious as I imagined, and I was sure to finish every bite. The sauces were tasty, enhancing the donuts, and the fresh whipped cream was a welcome addition. The nuts add texture and flavor, and the fresh banana slices helped to elevate the entirety. Highly recommended!

If you visit Nova Scotia, I hope you'll stop by Dockside Donuts, And won't some eager entrepreneur in the Boston area open a similar truck? 

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