Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia: Dockside Donuts Truck

On my recent trip to Nova Scotia, I visited the Fisherman's Cove in Eastern Passage, which has numerous small shops, most artisan producers, as well as several restaurants and food shops. It's a good place to get fish & chips or some lobster, as well as to buy maritime art and other locally produced items. I've visited this area numerous times over the years, but this year I found a new vendor.

It's a food truck that serves fresh, mini-donuts dipped and topped by a variety of flavors and ingredients. I had to check it out and I wasn't disappointed at all. I haven't been able to find out much online about this food truck, but if you visit the area, you definitely should check them out. 

The Menu is intriguing, and 10 mini-donuts cost $5 (Canadian) and you get to choose two different flavors. You could also select a Party Box of 36 donuts for only $15, and you got to choose four flavors. For each flavor, you get to choose two items. As there are plenty of flavors available, you can create all sorts of combinations dependent on your preferences. The featured donut was a Boston Cream. They also sell Funnel Cakes ($5), fresh squeezed Lemonade, and other drinks.

When you order your donuts, they fry them then and there, so you always get fresh, hot donuts. They then dip the donuts in your chosen flavorings. Simple and delicious.

This order included Butterscotch with Flaky Sea Salt and Vanilla Glaze with Toasted Coconut. Both flavors were delicious, with the donuts being soft and hot, and the glazes flavorful and sweet, but not overly so. 

This order included Chocolate Glaze with Belgian Dark Chocolate Pearls and a classic Cinnamon & Sugar. These donuts were also delicious, with the chocolate ones being extra rich with the chocolate pearls. I would order any four of these flavor combinations again, although I've love to try some additional combinations as well. 

The Lemonade was quite good too, again, not overly sweet with a delicious tartness. 

We need some of these trucks in the Boston area. 

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