Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's Eve to All!

I hope all my readers enjoy a safe and happy New Year's Eve and that 2009 ushers in a great year for you. I felt that 2008 was a good year, despite some tough economic issues, and I look forward hopefully to what 2009 will bring. I am sure there will be plenty of great times ahead, although the financial situation remains tough. But we will find a way to persevere and make it a good year.

What can you expect from The Passionate Foodie in 2009? Here are some things, though not the only ones, you can expect.

First, I will continue to write plenty of posts about wine and food, more reviews, news, and articles. I will continue to see out wines from every corner of the world, expanding my wine horizons. I'll keep seeking new restaurants to dine at and report back my experiences. I hope that my writing continues to improve and that my readers enjoy what they find here. I have no plans to slow my pace in 2009.

Second, I will continue to post about Saké, including more reviews, as well as possibly some advanced educational items, building on what I presented last year during Saké month. I may even expand some of the prior Saké posts, to add additional information.

Third, I will continue to delve more into Portuguese wines, and may even travel to Portugal in the fall of 2009. If so, maybe I will get to visit Ryan and Gabriella of Catavino again.

Fourth, I will be traveling to Las Vegas again in April and will attend the UNLVino Wine Tasting as well as dining at some excellent restaurants. I will likely also visit New York City again, hoping to try some new places there. As for other trips, I am considering a few others, such as to the wineries of Long Island, and will provide more information when those plans become more concrete.

Fifth, I would like to see, and will work toward, more cooperation and community among the Boston area food bloggers. Local wine bloggers are already moving in that direction and it would be great if the local food bloggers did the same. I am sure we can all help each other in various ways, making each of us better.

Lastly, I hope to provide a few exciting surprises in the coming year.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me.

Cheers and dine and drink with passion!

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Gabriella Opaz said...

Albeit a late comment, we would love to meet you in Portugal! Just give us an approximate time and we'll try and create a fabulous wine tour ;-)