Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Basics of The Passionate Foodie

As the New Year neared, I took time to reflect on the past as well as to look forward to the future. I felt it was time to reassess my blog, to delve back to its foundation and examine where it is going. As such, I felt it would be beneficial to explain to my readers the purpose of my blog, the range of its subject matter, and where it is headed. I felt this would benefit my newer readers as well as give further information to my long term readers. So, this week, I shall make several posts about my blog and blogging in general, a fresh look to begin 2009.

The Passionate Foodie is a blog about food, wine and spirits. There are plenty of blogs that concentrate only on food or wine, yet there is a far smaller number that combines the two interests. For me, they are both my passions and often closely linked to each other so it was very natural for me to want to write about both of them. I also enjoy many different types of spirits, from vodka to tequila, so I tak about them as well. About the only alcohol you won't find here is beer, as I still have not developed a taste for it. Though I keep trying to find a beer I might enjoy.

On my blog, I review numerous restaurants, many locally but also anywhere else that I travel. Basically any time I dine out, I may write about the experience. I sometimes provide multiple reviews of a restaurant, detailing any changes that have occurred, discussing a special event, or more. I enjoy a wide variety of cuisines so you will find much diversity in the restaurants I review. I pay for most of my own meals, though I occasionally attend special media functions, often intended to showcase a new restaurant. For 2009, I plan to cover plenty of restaurants that I have not been to before, as well as dine at some of the new places that open this year.

I review wines and spirits, from all over the world, most which I have purchased locally. I love the diversity of wine and am always seeking to try new wines, from less common regions, grapes or blends. I attend many wine and spirit tastings and often post about my favorites that I find. Like everyone, I have my own preferences and biases though I usually note them in my review if applicable. I buy much of the wine and spirits I drink, though I sometimes receive free samples from wineries or distributors. For 2009, I'll keep reviewing wines and spirits, including seeking out even more unusual ones.

My reviews also cover other food and wine establishments, from markets to wine stores, from bakeries to wine auctions. If a place sells or serves food, wine or spirits, I may end up reviewing it. In this new year, I will be seeking out more such places to review.

As I am a voracious reader, I buy many food, wine and spirit books and magazines (as well as sometimes receiving sample copies from publishers). I often review these books and magazines on my blog, especially pointing out those books and magazines which I feel will most appeal to my readers. I will continue reading new books and magazine in 2009, pointing out those I feel are most worthy.

Besides all of my reviews, I also post announcements of upcoming food, wine and spirit events. I find the event listings in various places, as well as sometimes receiving press releases. I generally only post announcements about places I have been to previously, or which sound particularly interesting. I also note when I am going to attend some of those events. 2009 will have plenty of interesting events, some of which I already know about, and which I will tell you all about.

You will also find on my blog news, essays and editorials on a wide range of topics. If it has to do with food, wine or spirits, then you might find it here. Whatever happens to perk my interest at the moment, whatever subject fascinates me at the moment. I also provide links to other sites which I think are of value, including other food and wine blogs.

Overall, my blog is an eclectic place, which reflects my own personality. I don't want to be confined to a small box but rather want the freedom to discuss anything about food, wine or spirits that appeals to me. So, though I have mentioned above many of the areas that I cover on my blog, I may cover other areas too. You shouldn't get bored here, because there is always something different coming down the line.

I am always open to suggestions and recommendations on places and subjects you think I should cover so feel free to email me your comments.

Tomorrow, I will address the role of my readers...

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