Thursday, January 1, 2009

Beija & Twitter Taste Live

Have you tried Beija yet? If not, you definitely should do so.

Beija is a Brazilian Cachaça, a virgin cane rum, and it is delicious whether straight or mixed in a cocktail. If you want to know more, join me as I showcase Beija at a Twitter Taste Live event on January 14 at 8pm.

January 12-15, 2009 will be a Spirit Week Twitter Taste Live Event. Rather than wine, spirits such as Gin and Chartreuse and Beija will be showcased during this week. You should participate this week and learn more about the versatility of these spirits.

Bin Ends has several other Twitter Taste Live events planned for the near future. These include:

January 17: TTL Beer!: Introduction to Trappist Ales
January 29: Twitter Taste LIVE: Palmina Wines of California
February 12: Twitter Taste LIVE: An Evening in Burgundy
February 19: Twitter Taste LIVE: Merlove Minneapolis
February 28: Twitter Taste LIVE: Top Secret Event

Prior events have been lots of fun and I encourage you to join in now!

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