Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Menu Bargains: Sandrine's Bistro

Want more menu bargains? Well you can find some at Sandrine's Bistro, a restaurant which I recommend.

First, celebrate the Presidential Inauguration on January 20 with a one-day only "Economic Stimulus." Every appetizer on the ala carte menu is just $5-10; every entrée only $15-22; every dessert $6. This is a deep discount for deeply discouraged diners so take advantage and reserve today.

Second, Maitre Cuisiner de France Raymond Ost loves winter. He loves making soups that simmer, terrines that slow-roast, meats that braise, and hearty ingredients like pork, leeks, cabbages and beef. It reminds him of his home in Strausburg. Beginning this month and continuing throughout the coldest months, Ost will create one signature Alsatian dish per night and offer it as a menu special for just $25.

Look for:
--Bakeoffe: A carnivore’s delight, this rarely-seen specialty combines chunks of beef, pork and lamb marinated in white wine for three days, then oven-roasted for hours with potatoes, onions, carrots and leeks.
--Beouf Bourguignon
--Winter Vegetable Wellington
--Melknepfle: Herbed dumplings layered with spinach and white sauce

Third, Chef Ost is offering a nightly amuse bouche of moules mariniere (mussels sailor-style)swimming in white wine and served in charming copper pots. This treat will be offered all winter for only $2.

Sandrine's Bistro
8 Holyoke Street
Cambridge, MA
Phone: 617-497-5300

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