Sunday, January 4, 2009

Top Saké of 2008

What was the best Saké of the last year? I do know I have had some excellent Saké this year, in large part due to my visits to Sakaya in New York City. They have a very good inventory of quality Saké. You can easily search my blog for my Saké Reviews of this past year to find what I have enjoyed.

For another man's opinion, I recommend you check out Tim of UrbanSaké and his 2008 Golden Masu Awards. In eight different categories, Tim lists those Sakés that especially stood out for him during the past year. You might be particularly interested in his Best Saké under $20 winner.

You can get some more recommendations from Sakaya, which has recently posted their list of the Ten Best Selling Saké of 2008. It is fairly diverse list and their best seller might surprise you. Their best seller, as well as a few others, are actually on Tim's list as well.

Saké popularity will continue to grow in 2009 and I hope my readers try more Saké. I'll continue to post more about Saké this year. With so much diversity, there is a Saké that should appeal to almost any preference.

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