Sunday, January 11, 2009

Urakasumi Junmai

Time again to try another Saké from those I purchased from Sakaya in New York City. I brought this bottle to my local poker game, and as I won some money, maybe it brought me some luck.

The Urakasumi Junmai ($35.99-720ml) is from the Miyagi Prefecture. "Urakasumi" means "misty bay." The brewery was established in 1724 with the intent of producing Saké as "an offering to the gods of Shiogama Shrine, which was loved and admired by the leader of the Sendai Clan." The water used for brewing sake is drawn from wells near Matsushima Bay, and is relatively hard water with the proper amount of nutrients for healthy yeast development.

This Saké has an alcohol content of 15-16% and a Saké Meter Value of +2, which means it tends to be balanced between sweet and dry. The type of rice used is Mana Musume. I found this Saké to have a nose of cooked rice with a bit of a nutty smell. It has more of a medium body, with a dry taste and flavors of pear and melon. It does though have a slight bitterness to its taste, which might be off putting to some. Though that bitterness is much less noticeable as you drink more of the Saké. It feels more like a light red wine in style.

Though I enjoyed this Saké, it did not really impress me. It probably would not appeal to someone new to Saké, especially due to its bit of harshness on the palate. I would drink this again, though it would not be at the top of my list to buy. Though it did bring me luck so maybe I should buy it again.

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You have to go with the winner ... on the same thought maybe you should wear the same undies ( washed, of course)!

Happy New Year