Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saké Articles in Wine & Spirits

Saké lovers: Check out the latest issue of Wine & Spirits magazine (February 2009) as it has a couple items of interest about Saké.

First, learn about Moto-i, the first Saké brewpub in the United States. Owner Blake Richardson opened this place in Minneapolis and currently sells three types of Saké on draft, including a junmai nama nigori, a junmai nama and a junmai nama genshu. He plans to expand his range to nine different namas. The bar is like a Japanese izakaya, serving small plates of food to have with your namazake. I think it is so great to see how Saké consumption continues to expand across the U.S.

Second, read the article "Niigata Saké: The Peak of Jizake" which explains about the Saké from this prefecture of Japan, and how small breweries are taking advantage of the terroir to craft distinctive Saké that reflects the region. Niigate Saké is generally light, crisp and clean, a style that should especially appeal to newcomers to Saké. Learn all about this region and its Saké, as well as find some recommendations.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to carry the sake banner Richard! Blake's achievement is monmumental considering he was a classmate of ours at John Gauntner's Sake Professionals Course just two years ago!


Rick & Hiroko