Sunday, December 28, 2008

SakéOne: Only American Owned Saké Brewery

In the United States, there are presently six Saké breweries, five located in California and one in Oregon. These US Saké breweries include Gekkeikan (Folsom, CA), Kohnan/Hakusan (Napa, CA), Ozeki Sake US (Hollister, CA), SakeOne (Forest Grove, OR), Takara Sake US (Berkeley, CA), and Yaegaki USA (Vernon, CA). SakéOne is the only US owned Saké brewery, the others all being Japanese owned.

I have previously reviewed some of the SakéOne products. For more information abut this Saké brewery, I recommend you check out Tim of UrbanSake's recent interview with Dewey Weddington, VP of Marketing for the SakéOne brewery. You will learn about their products as well as their philosophy.

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