Saturday, December 20, 2008

WBW #53: Wine For Breakfast

Recently, I asked some of my Twitter buddies for a wine pairing suggestion for Waffles. I was having waffles for dinner and even ended up having Waffle Brownies for dessert. This may give me a bit of an advantage for Wine Blogging Wednesday #53.

El Jefe of El Bloggo Torcido and Twisted Oak Winery is this month's host and he has chosen the theme: Wine For Breakfast. Like El Jefe, I am a big fan of breakfast and enjoy having breakfast foods for lunch or dinner. The primary objective is to pair a wine with traditional breakfast food, whatever your particular culture favors. But, there are some restrictions on the wine you can select. It must be either a dry red or white wine. Thus, you cannot choose sparkling wine, rosés, or dessert wines. Plus, you can't mix the wine with anything else.

This will make the pairing a bit more challenging, though testing the wines with various breakfast foods should be quite delicious. I might also have to have more waffles. And BACON! I am sure the participants in this WBW will come with a good variety of wines, especially as breakfast can be such a diverse meal. I look forward to this very much.

On or before, Wednesday, January 14, post your tasting review on your blog. More details on participating will also be forthcoming.

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