Friday, March 27, 2009

Robert Parker Interview at Bitter Lawyer

Robert Parker remains a controverisal and powerful individual in the wine world. I always find it intriguing to learn more about him, especially through interviews. So when I learned of a new interview with him, I was pleased to check it out and I would recommend it to others too.

The new interview with Robert Parker can be found over at Bitter Lawyer, a site that states: "Our singular goal is to create an engaging, insightful entertainment destination for lawyers." This is not the usual place you might visit seeking wine information but there is a clear connection as Parker began as an attorney. The interview delves into his life with wine, but also touches on his life as an attorney.

I think you might learn some new things about Parker from this Q&A as I certainly did. For example, Parker's 100 point wine rating system was used at the University of Maryland Law School. You'll learn what wine Parker drank when celebrating leaving his law job. Parker also presents some general recommendations for economical wines.

And one of Parker's last statements in the interview really resonates with me. "But if you pursue your greatest passion, chances are you will not only become very good at whatever that passion is, but by being good, you will also love what you are doing, and probably make a sufficient amount of money to live very comfortably."

It is all about passion.

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