Thursday, March 26, 2009

WBW #55 North vs South Roundup

In the battle of North vs South, which side prevailed?

Rémy of The Wine Case, host of Wine Blogging Wednesday #55, has now posted a comprehensive roundup of the event that is well worth checking out. Thirty-three people participated, including three for the first time. Rémy provides some interesting stats on the event, breaking down the types of wines, grapes and locales that were reviewed. He even draws the conclusion, based on all the reviews, that climate rather than strict geography matters most for wines. I would fully agree with his sentiment.

It was fascinating to read many of the WBW entries and Rémy provides a nice recap of each entry. I encourage you to read his recap, and then check out the full entries at the various blogs.

It also appears that WBW #56 will deal with Kosher wines!

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