Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mon Amis Gabi: Breakfast in Las Vegas

On the morning of the UNLVino Grand Wine Tasting, I decided to have breakfast at the Mon Amis Gabi, a French bistro at the Paris Hotel. This is a fairly large, and seemingly popular, bistro that offers al fresco dining on the Strip. As it was a sunny morning, the outside patio was quite crowded.

I was able to get a table inside and took a look at the extensive breakfast menu. It has all of the standard choices, such as eggs, waffles, and omelets but also has crepes, quiche, pastries, and much more. Prices tend to be a touch high but not outrageously so.

I had to try the Croque Madame ($12.50), one of my favorite sandwiches and which you can see pictured above. The battered and fried bread contains ham and cheese and it is topped by a fried egg. The sandwich came with fries and some greens, and I also had a glass of fresh brewed iced tea. For me, this is surely a very nice way to start my day.

The sandwich was very good, though still not competition for my favorite that is served at L'Express in New York City. Maybe the bread could have been a bit crispier and a bit more tang to the cheese. I was not unhappy with the sandwich, and it was tasty, but it was not impressive. Yes, I am being a bit harsh, expecting a lot from a sandwich, but a high standard was previously set and I can't help but not compare. The french fries were excellent, thin, almost curls of crispy potato plus the iced tea was delicious.

Overall, a very good breakfast and I would recommend it.

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