Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Pinotage Book by Peter May

Are you a fan of Pinotage? If not, you really should try some of the latest Pinotage wines because they may change your mind about the grape. This is actually a special time for Pinotage as it is the 50th Anniversary of the world’s first Pinotage wine.

Besides celebrating with a glass of delicious wine, you might also want to check out a new book all about Pinotage, the first book of its kind. Pinotage: Behind the Legends of South Africa's Own Wine was written by Peter May, who also runs the famed Pinotage Club blog. He is very passionate about Pinotage as well as very knowledgeable.

The book "...tells of Peter F May's infatuation with the Pinotage variety and follows his investigations into its origins. He identifies when it was created and first planted and he discovers the oldest living Pinotage vineyard. There's a history of winemaking in South Africa and a biography of Pinotage's creator, Professor Abraham Perold. In the second part of the book May discusses growing, making and marketing Pinotage wines with case studies of classic South African vineyards. Various styles of Pinotage are discussed, the Cape Blend controversy is covered and criticisms of the variety are analysed. In the third section of the book, May takes a look at Pinotage in other countries. His travels take him from South Africa to California and Virginia, Canada, Israel and New Zealand."

This book sounds quite fascinating to me and I have already ordered a copy. I love Pinotage so this book is very appealing to me. If you have read Peter's blog, you know that he is an excellent writer so you should look forward to the book. I will review the book in the near future, but you may not want to wait for my review to buy it.

You can order the book from its website, especially if you want a signed copy. Or you can order it through Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

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