Friday, September 25, 2009

Craigie on Main: Brunch

My first return visit to Craigie on Main was for Sunday brunch. The menu was certainly compelling and I expected only good things based on my last visit. I was not disappointed in the least.

They serve brunch on Sundays, from 11am-2pm, and you can check out a sample menu though note that the menu will likely be slightly different at the restaurant. You'll find both interesting breakfast and lunch choices on the menu. They also have a Prix Fixe option, three courses for $29. This option is quite flexible, and you can basically choose almost any item as one of your courses.

I began with their Sunday Sparkler, a cocktail containing Absinthe, Calvados and Sparkling Wine. I was curious how well the flavors would blend but they worked out fine. The drink had a strong citrus flavor and was much smoother than expected. A good drink that I would order again.

For brunch, my mom and I both got the Prix Fixe, with similar first and third courses but different second ones. We began with the Home Made Donut, which was absolutely delicious! The warm donut was very crispy on the outside with a soft interior, topped by what seemed like a sweet caramel sauce. Why can't normal donut shops make donuts that taste this good?

My mother chose the House-Cured Wild King Salmon and Kona Kampachi as her second course. It came with an onion bagel and traditional accompaniments. The plate was plentiful with food and the salmon was silky smooth and flavorful. The Kampachi rillette was also quite tasty, and easily smeared on the bagel.

I opted for the Craigie “Dimanche” Sausages, Buttermilk Biscuit, Gravy and farm fresh eggs. A simple but very well done dish. The sausage was very tender, without any gristle bits you sometimes find in sausages, and very flavorful, spiced just right. The biscuit was flaky, buttery and soft. The gravy was light, not the thick glop you get elsewhere. Everything about this dish pleased me very much.

We also ordered a side dish of Grilled Pork Belly, just because pork belly is so good. My mother had never tried pork belly before, and was a bit hesistant, but once she tried it thought it was delicious. They prepared it well, with plenty of delicious, tender pork and silky fat. The restaurant also gave us a complimentary dish of Grilled Peaches, fresh, tender peaches.

Our final course were three Mini Profiteroles, small ice cream puffs topped by chocolate sauce. Obviously very fresh ingredients, interesting flavor combinations and just the right amount of sweetness. A fitting ending to our tasty brunch.

Chef Maws continues to impress and if you want to impress someone, then take them to Sunday brunch.

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