Sunday, January 24, 2010

Central Bottle: Saké Tasting on Feb.11

On Thursday, February 11, from 5pm-9pm, Central Bottle will hold a special Wine Bar, or actually a Saké Bar. Come join Michael Simkin, Saké expert, as he leads a tasting of the excellent brews from the Ichishima Brewery. See how they pair with Italian cicchetti!

I had the pleaure to meet Michael previously, as well as to taste through the Ichishima line-up. Michael currently consults with some breweries to help get their Saké introduced into the U.S. market. He also runs numerous seminars, acting as a Saké ambassador. He will be sure to answer whatever questions about Saké you might have.

The Ichishima Brewery is located in the Niigata Prefecture of Japan. There are about 96 Saké breweries in this prefecture, which is sometimes referred to as the "King of Saké brewing." Ichishima was founded around 1790 A.D. and has been owned by the same family continuously. Ichishima is also famous for being the first brewery to have licensed female toji, brew masters. They first began employing women in 1965 and the first woman was licensed as a toji in 1976.

For more information and some tasting note on the Ichishima Sakés, please see my prior post. I will be going to this Saké Bar and hope to see you there too.

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