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Top Ten Wines of 2007

In less than two weeks, on Tuesday, May 9, The Passionate Foodie blog will have its 10th Anniversary! I've been spending time surveying the over 4100 posts I've written, contemplating all the myriad subjects I've covered. I've already reposted my first two articles and now I'm going to highlight my Top Ten Wines of 2007. Have my wine tastes changed during the last ten years? Look for more of my memories during the next couple weeks.

(The follow articles were originally posted on December 12 & 13, 2007).

First, here is a list of my Top Ten Wines Under $15.
1. 2006 Verdad Rose, California ($13)
2. 2004 Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino di Sardegna, Italy ($10)
3. 2005 Tenuta Pederanza Lambrusco “Grasparossa”, Italy ($13.99)
4. 2004 Conti Zecca Donna Marzia Negromaro, Italy ($9.99)
5. 2003 Vinho Tinto Palestra, Portugal ($8)
6. 2006 Vinho Branco "Grilos", Portugal ($13)
7. 2005 Falset Marca Falset, Spain ($9.99)
8. 2006 Ladera Sagrada Papa, Spain ($13.99)
9. 2005 El Burro Kickass Garnacha, Spain ($12)
10. 2006 Bodegas La Purisma Estio, Spain ($8.99)

As you can see, there are mostly Old World wines on my list, which hasn't changed over the last ten years. They often seem to possess better value than many California wine. And you can see Portugal is on the list, and that country continues to be a great place for wine values. Several Spanish wines made the list, partially as I took a two week journey to Spain in 2007, tasting many excellent wines.

Second, here is a list of my Top Ten Wines Over $15.
1. 2003 Goldeneye Anderson Valley Pinot Noir, California ($50)
2. 2004 Cliff Lede Claret, California ($39)
3. 2003 Fort Ross Vineyard Pinotage, California ($36)
4. 2005 Sutton Cellars Carignane, California ($17)
5. 2004 Buehler Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, California ($25)
6. 2003 Castello La Lecchia Chianti Classico ‘Bruciagna’, Italy ($30)
7. 2000 Lidakis Archanes, Greece ($18)
8. 2004 Filipa Pato Ensaios, Portugal ($25)
9. 2005 Bellum Providencia, Spain ($18)
10. 2004 KanonKop Estate Wine Pinotage, South Africa ($35)

This list was very California heavy which you generally won't find in subsequent years, as the list become more diverse. You can already see some of that diversity, such as Greek wines and South African Pinotage. In later years, I delve more into plenty of niche wines, giving voice to worthy wines which don't receive as much attention as they deserve, such as Franciarota, Alsatian wines, Georgian wines, Vermouth, and more. However, I still think these two 2007 lists present plenty of worthy wines and you might want to seek out their current vintages.

How have your wine tastes changed over the last ten years?

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