Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cooking Wild: From Elk to Rattlesnake

Despite dire predications about the death of magazines, niche magazines still seem to be thriving, with new magazines being started all the time.  While perusing the magazine racks at Barnes & Noble, I came upon Cooking Wild, a new quarterly publication that "...was created to bridge the gap from the field to the table. Each issue will cover all things important to the food-focused outdoors person - hunters, anglers, and foregers alike."  The contents intrigued me so I purchased an issue, later buying its premiere issue too.

So far, only 2 issues have been released, the latest issue costing $6.99 for 52 pages.  I was pleased to see, unlike many other magazines, that most of the issue was content, with only a small percentage dedicated to advertising.  The publisher is April Donald, whose husband hunts and fishes, and most of the articles were written by sportsmen and chefs.  The photography is compelling, though if butchery scenes turn you off, then you should beware. For me, I enjoyed all of the pictures, finding they added much to the articles.    

The well-written articles cover a diverse selection of topics, including cocktails, wine, butchery, knife selection, mushroom foraging, cooking advice and recipes.  They also cover a wide range of animals, including geoduck, venison, elk, rattlesnake, duck, wild turkey, crawfish, buffalo, and much more.  There are approximately twenty recipes in each issue, including appetizers, entrees, and sauces.  Some of my favorite recipes include the Chicken Fried Duck Breasts, Spicy Ketchup, Jean Skrak Buffalo Flank Steak Marinade, Tea Smoked Rattlesnake, and Molasses Cider Barbecue Sauce.

Even if you do not hunt or fish, much of the magazine will still be useful to you.  As butcher shops like Savenor's and The Meat House sell exotic meats, you can find what you desire there, using recipes found in the magazine.  I love wild game and have purchased meat from both locations, which albeit expensive, is worth the price. Broaden your horizons and try some exotic game. This magazine makes an excellent resource for recipes for such meats.  In addition, the recipes are very adaptable and you could use them for other meats too.   

I strongly recommend this new magazine, and think many cooks and food lovers will find much of interest and value within it.

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omg I am totally going to pick up a copy!