Monday, November 8, 2010

Rant: Don't Be Merely A Glutton

Tis' the Season of Gluttony and heaping platters of food and overflowing pitchers of various drinks will grace tables all across our country.  The blogs will be full of tales of epic dinners, exceptional bottles of wine, and huge, whipped cream covered desserts. You will find tons of holiday recipes, how to prepare some of the most decadent dishes. The photos will display these hedonistic pleasures in all their alluring glory.

But I want to see something more.

No, I don't want to surpass those gluttonous images. Instead, I want to read about some efforts to help those less fortunate.  This should be a time of generosity and charity, of giving to others rather than gorging ourselves.  Though many love the holiday season, it can be a sad time for those with little or nothing. Share your largess with others, helping those who truly need it.

During this season, there are numerous restaurants, chefs, stores and others which are holding special charitable events. Promote those events on your blogs, spreading the word far and wide.  Attend those events, encouraging others to do the same.  Give to your favorite charities, whatever they might be.  Just don't revel in gluttony, ignoring the plight of others.

Sure, I will probably over indulge this season and I may even discuss it on my blog. But I won't forget others who cannot do the same.  And I will do my part to help these people, to share what I possess.  Year round, I promote numerous food and wine-related charitable events and probably will promote even more this season.  I will give to several charities as well, those which are personally close to my heart.  I encourage all of my fellow bloggers to do the same this season.

Don't be merely a glutton.

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