Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

With Thanksgiving coming next week, you might be thinking about which dishes to serve for your feast.  You might be making your old favorites, or you might be seeking something different. If you want to try something new, as well as easy, let me offer some suggestions. 

I am compiling here links to several recipes I have posted over the years, recipes which would be perfect for any Thanksgiving dinner.  These are all easy recipes for cooks of any skill level shouldn't have problems making these dishes.


Buffalo Chicken Dip:  This always seems to be popular whenever I bring the dish to a party.  Lots of cheese, spicy sauce and chicken chunks.  Get a big bag of tortilla chips and just scoop up some of this dip.  You can make it the day before and just warm it up being serving.


Sangria: Rather than a punch, make up a batch of Sangria instead. Based on the recipe from Dali, this is a compelling drink and you'll probably end up with an empty pitcher by the end of the evening.


Double Corn Pudding: This is an easy substitute for home-made corn bread, and there are never any worries that it will be too dry.  It is very adaptable too, and you could easily add some of your own special ingredients, such as jalapenos or even bacon.

Special Potato Casserole:  Rather than the usual mashed potatoes, or even mashed sweet potatoes, try something which has a little of both.  With the addition of goat cheese, these potatoes become especially creamy and tasty.


Swedish Apple Pie: Making pie crust can be a chore, so why not make a pie which creates its own crust?  This recipe is a big time saver, and it does not skimp on taste. Top it with your favorite ice cream, whipped cream or cheese.


Chef Basket said...

Thanks for this post filled with Thanksgiving recipes. The Double Corn pudding sounds wonderful!

Sara said...

Oh, yeah. Buffalo chicken dip is definitely a crowd pleaser. Great idea.