Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sangria Recipe

Summertime is a perfect time for a big glass of chilled Sangria. The best Sangria I have ever had is from Dali, a Spanish restaurant in Somerville. And I was lucky enough to get a copy of their recipe, which tastes exactly like what you get at the restaurant. I have made it for numerous parties and it is always a hit.

Here is the recipe.

--3 bottles of Vina Borgia (An inexpensive Spanish Garnacha wine though you could substitite many other inexpensive Spanish reds)
--1 cup of brandy
--1 cup triple sec
--1 cup of sugar
--1/2 gallon of orange juice

---Mix all the ingredients together and then let it sit overnight. If you do not let it sit, it may seem bitter. Add some sliced fruit when it is ready.


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