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(Originally posted on 10/17/06)

We recently dined at Dali, a spanish restaurant in Somerville, and one of our favorite spots. Once again, the experience was excellent, from service to food. Dali does not take reservations except for large parties so on the weekends the wait can be long. So, if you don't want to wait, it is best to get there when the restaurant opens at 5:30pm. If you are early, you can always visit a couple nearby stores, Savenor's or the Wine & Cheese Cask.

Most of the menu consists of tapas, appetizer plates. You can order a number of different tapas and share them. This certainly makes for a very social meal, or a very intimate one for two people. In addition to their main menu, Dali also has a list of special tapas that change every month or so.

This time, we tried a number of their new tapas, including: Sopa de Mejillones y Azafrán (Mussel & Saffron Soup), Arroz Relleno (Rice stuffed w/Curried Beef & Serrano Ham), Cocido de Jabalí (Cantabrian Braised Wild Boar), Salchicha de Venado (Farm Venison Sausage w/Pomegranate Sauce), and Pechuga Andaluza (Spicy Spanish Chicken Breast). We also had a couple old favorites: Gambas al Ajillo (Garlic Shrimp) and Vieiras al Azafrán (Scallops in Saffron Cream). You can get such a diverse meal, with interesting spices and sauces.

Though Dali has a good Spanish wine list, we usually get the Sangria. This is where I got the recipe for the Sangria I make. If you look at the other tables, you will see most everyone gets the Sangria. It is the best Sangria I have ever had. Service is always top notch, and we ask for the same waiter, Gateau, all the time. I cannot recommend Dali enough!

(Originally posted on 5/6/07)

We made another trip to Dali last evening, to celebrate my mother's birthday. And, of course, it was a superb evening! The food was phenomenal, the service top-notch, the ambiance was excellent. Not a single complaint. The restaurant was packed and everyone else seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves as well. We shared a number of tapas, some from their monthly specials and some from the regular menu. I did note that a few new tapas had been added to their regular menu.

Our dinner included: Sautéed Cod Cakes; Lamb & Serrano Ham Meatballs w/Tomato-Mint Sauce; Egg/Potato/Onion Omelette; Mixed plate with Spanish cheeses, Serrano ham, roasted peppers and grapes; Garlic soup; Potatoes w/Piquant Tomato & Alioli; Garlic Shrimp; Scallops in Saffron Cream; Chicken Croquettes; Roast Duckling w/Berry Sauce; Fried Spanish Cheese w/Honey & Sweet Onion; Grilled Chorizo. What a smorgasbord! Plus, we of course had their Sangria to wash it all down. I cannot recommend Dali highly enough!

415 Washington Street
Somerville, MA
Phone: (617) 661-3254

Dalí in Somerville

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