Friday, May 18, 2007

Home Made Potato Chips

I can remember having home-made potato chips when I was a child. They tasted so good! And over the years, I have had them at a few stores and restaurants. But, in recent years, they have been very hard to find. Until now. Within the last couple months, I have had them at 3 different places. Maybe they are making a come back which I heartily welcome.

One was a grocery store in Connecticut, Stew Leonards. The second was the Capital Grille in Burlington for lunch. Instead of french fries, you can have their home-made potato chips and they are delicious. And today, for lunch, I had them at Dairy Dome. This is a new product for them and they were very tasty. I had ordered a burger and fries but Lisa, their chef, offered me the chips instead of the fries. In fact, she just said that she would surprise me with something other than the fries. And it was a most pleasant surprise. By the way, the burger was delicious too. Thick and juicy!


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