Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sake Professional Course: December in Vegas

Sake lovers step forward and prepare to learn all about this wonderful beverage.

John Gauntner, the famed Sake expert and "Sake Dendoushi" ("Sake Evangelist"), is holding his 9th Stateside Sake Professional Course in Las Vegas from Monday, December 5 to Wednesday, December 7, 2011. This is an educational opportunity you should not miss.

The course runs for three days and finishes with an optional exam, which if you pass will garner you a Certified Sake Specialist certification. The course costs $775, which includes the three days of instruction, materials, all Saké for tasting, and one shot at the exam. There are only 60 spots available for the course.

Gauntner states "The course is geared toward industry professionals wishing to expand their horizons in a thorough manner into the world of sake, and will therefore necessarily be fairly technical in nature, and admittedly somewhat intense. But the course is open to anyone with an interest in sake, and it will certainly be fun! The course lectures and tastings will begin with the utter basics and will thoroughly progress through and cover everything related to sake. There will be an emphasis on empirical experience, with plenty of exposure to a wide range of sake in the tasting sessions throughout the three days. Upwards of 90 sake will be tasted across the three days."

For reservations or inquiries, please send an email to  With a limited amount of spaces available, I suggest acting soon if you wish to attend the class.

I attended this course last year when it was held in San Francisco and you can read my review here. In short, it was a superb class, taught by an excellent instructor and well worth attending if you love Saké. I cannot recommend this class enough.

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