Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2008 Stadlmann Mandel-Höh Zierfandler

Yes, it is a mouthful to pronounce but that should not stop you from trying it. After my recent introduction to the Zierfandler grape through the 2009 Stadlmann Zierfandler Anninger Classic, I was very pleased to get the chance to try another one, especially from the same producer. I really enjoyed the previous wine, so I was curious as to what their higher end Zierfandler would be like. You should go back to my previous review for more information on Stadlmann and Zierfandler.

The 2008 Stadlmann Mandel-Höh Zierfandler ($30) is produced from grapes in the Mandel-Höh vineyard, which has 45+ year old vines, and is considered one of the top vineyards in the entire Thermenregion. The wine spent about eight months in large, old oak barrels and has an alcohol content of 13.5%.  This wine was different from the Anninger Classic, showcasing another side of the Zierfandler grape, and it was not the oak which seemed to make the difference. 

The Mandel-Höh had a deep golden color, and its full-bodied taste evidenced smoky citrus flavors, as if orange juice was left inside a smokehouse. Don't mistake me, this was a very pleasant taste combination.  There were also some underlying notes of melon and peach, a vein of minerality and a mix of other subtle tastes. It was a complex melange of flavors that tantalized my palate.  Overall, the wine possessed much more complexity than the Anninger and it also was drier than the Anninger, lacking the honey notes the Anninger possessed. Yet it still held up well to a spicy, pulled pork sandwich. A fascinating and delicious wine, this comes with a strong recommendation.

As I said before: If you get the chance to try some Zierfandler, just say Yes!

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Todd - VT Wine Media said...

Spaetrot-Gebeshuber makes a swell and tasty Zierflander Rotgipfleur blend that we can get up here, and refer to as Zoolander and Rocket Fuel...