Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Demons, Gods & Sake (Tipsy Sensei #4) Is Now Available

The Tipsy Sensei series continues in a new novel that is now available through Amazon as an Ebook. Demons, Gods & Sake is the 4th installment of the Tipsy Sensei series and the stakes for Nate Randall, a Sake expert from Boston, couldn't be higher. Later this month, Demons, Gods & Sake will also be published as a Trade Paperback and I hope to do some local signings. As soon as it is available as a paperback, I will let everyone know.

Though I recommend that you read the first three stories in the Tipsy Sensei story before reading this novel, it is not a necessity. It is a self-contained story, describing the main events of the prior three stories. Please also understand that you can read this novel even if you do not own a Kindle. You can download a Free App for your computer or smart phone that will allow you to read Kindle ebooks.

Here is a brief teaser about the contents of Demons, Gods & Sake:

To the Japanese, the number 4 is considered unlucky because it is sometimes pronounced shi, which is also the word for death. In Tipsy Sensei #4, there is much death and the entire world faces a dire threat.

Two months ago, Nate Randall, a Sake expert, received an enigmatic phone call warning him that an Oni, a Japanese demon, might be in Boston. After having previously encountered other supernatural creatures from Japanese folklore, Nate had little trouble believing that a demon could threaten Boston.

Now, his fears have come true. A formidable Oni is in Boston, seeking an ancient weapon of power and willing to kill anyone in its way. This weapon might be a legendary sword, the Doji-Giri Yasutsuna, once used to kill the great Oni Shuten-doji.

Nate faces other dangers too, as the Oni is not the only party seeking the weapon. A ruthless Yakuza clan is also involved. Nate soon finds himself being pursued by these enemies as he might possess the key to locating this magical artifact. Nate receives assistance from a mysterious ally, but can he be trusted? And what secrets is that ally concealing?

In his previous adventures, the stakes were on a relatively minor scale. This time, the fate of the world might depend on Nate's actions. Can Nate prevent his enemies from acquiring this powerful weapon? What will he have to sacrifice to prevent his enemies from winning?

The action spans the globe, from Boston to Japan, introducing new characters and bringing back others connected to previous stories in the Tipsy Sensei series. The stakes have never been higher, the action has never been more exciting, and the twists have never been more intriguing.

Check out this latest installment in the thrilling Tipsy Sensei urban fantasy series. While you read Tipsy Sensei #4, I'll be working on Nate's next supernatural adventure.

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