Sunday, October 7, 2012

All About Portuguese Wine & Food

I have heard the clarion call for the wines of Portugal, those intriguing wines which seduce with their tantalizing aromas and flavors. It is my desire that many others feel the urge of that clarion call too. To that end, I have become an ardent advocate for Portuguese wines, to share all the excellence I have found in their wines.

To help bring more visibility to Portuguese wine and food, including Port, I've compiled all of the links to my Portuguese wine and posts into this single article. This post will be a repository of those articles, listed in chronological order, from the newest to oldest, and I will update it when I write a new article about Portuguese wine and food. This should be helpful to my readers who want to delve deeper into the wine and food of Portugal.

I've currently written about 101 articles on Portuguese wine and food, and I've also referenced Portuguese wines, generally as a category, in numerous other articles on my blog. Over 40 Portuguese wines have ended up on my annual Top Ten Wine lists. At the wine shop where I work, I've often recommended Portuguese wines to the customers. I'm a Certified Wine Location Specialist, which deals with Port and Champagne. I was also inducted, due to my ardent promotion of Port wine, as a Cavaleiro in the Confraria do Vinho do Porto, essentially making me a Knight in the Brotherhood of Port Wine.

I've made two journeys to Portugal, to Porto, the Vinho Verde, and the Douro River region, in October 2018 and October 2023. Both trips deepened my love and passion for Portuguese wine and food, and have spawned plenty of articles. 

My Second Trip to Portugal
Portugal Bound: Once Again

Newest Articles

My Trip To Portugal
Cockburn's Port: The Largest Port Lodge In Vila Nova de Gaia
The Douro River Region: Beauty & Thriving Amidst Adversity
Quinta do Vallado: A Douro Winery With A Rich History
How Was The 2018 Douro Harvest?
Casa do Paço de Dalvares: Dining Like A Monk
Quinta de Covela: Showcasing The Diversity Of Vinho Verde
Casa Lapao's Convent Sweets: Tasty, Local & Handmade
2016 Alto do Joa Tinto: 20 Grapes, Old Vines, & Amazing Value
Caves da Murganheira: Blue Granite Caves & Sparkling Wine
Douro Palace Hotel: The Creativity Of Eça Restaurant
Matosinhos, Leixões & O Gaveto Restaurant (Seafood Rice!)
Alheira Sausages: Protection for Portuguese Jews
Rant: Two Portuguese Wineries, Two Opposing Guides
A Francesinha Recipe: Bring A Taste Of Porto To Your Home
Leitaria da Quinta do Paço: Whipped Cream Eclairs in Porto
O Reco da Baixa: Sande de Leitão (Suckling Pig Sandwich)
A History of Bacalhau: A Portuguese Staple
The Iconic Francesinha in Porto: Mission Accomplished!
My Return From Porto & The Douro
Portugal Bound: Porto & The Douro

Cockburn's Special Reserve Port: Break Out The Cheese, Chocolate & Twizzlers
Rant: Should You Drink Port Wine Before, During Or After Dinner?
Celebrate Port Wine Day!
Porto: Stories From Portugal's Historic The Bolhão Market--A Fascinating New Book
Cheers To The Quinta Santa Eufemia 20 Year Old White Port
Portuguese Pleasures: More Port & Douro Wines
Terra Nostra: Savoring Portuguese Cuisine & Wines
Boston Wine Expo: Quinta Vale D. Maria, Port & The Douro
Boston Wine Expo: Wines of Portugal
Ramos Pinto 20 Year Old: A Superb Port For The Holidays
Wine From Fly Droppings?
Boston Wine Expo: Quinta Dona Matilde Port
Boston Wine Expo: Portugal, Spain & Slovenia
Boston Wine Expo: Portuguese Wines & LGL Imports
Francesinhas: Hearty Portuguese Sandwichs In Medford
Summer Port: Warre's 10 Year Optima Tawny
Boston Wine Expo: Top 3 Portuguese Wines
Top Five Most Unique Ports For Holiday Gifts
Quintessential Wines: 5 Wines of Merit
A Knight Of The Brotherhood Of Port Wine
Wines of Portugal: 3 Standout Wineries & Aged White Port
José Maria da Fonseca: Portuguese Pride
Cedro Do Noval 2009: A Touch Of The Rhône In Portugal
Herdade do Esporão: Value White Wines
Portuguese Rosé From Herdade do Esporão
Portuguese Wine Tasting: An Excellent Event
Enjoying Portuguese Wines At Meritage
Adrian Bridge, Fladgate & How Port Facilitates Conversation
The Origins of Port: Part 1
The Origins of Port: Part 2
The Origins of Port: Part 3
The Origins of Port: Part 4
The Diversity of Port
Port Pleasures At The Boston Wine Expo
How To Pair Port With Dinner
Port Day: January 27
Esporão and Murças: Wines Spawned By Love
2010 Casal Garcia Rosé Vinho Verde: Fizzy Fun
The Passion of Portugal: Esporão and Murças
A Taste Of Portugal At Prezza
Madeira: Rich In History & Taste
Douro & Port Tasting
Portuguese Wines: An Exciting Future
2007 Cerejeiras Regional Tinto
Premium Port Wines: UNLVino
Portuguese Wine Grand Tasting
Portuguese Wine Made In Prison
2007 Quinta Da Alorna Vinho Rosé

(Updated as of December 13, 2023)


Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, I stumbled upon your blog and found it really interesting to read. I'm not a connoisseur of wine or food but like what I like. I just came back from a Portugal trip on the Douro River and enjoyed it immensely not having any expectation about Portugal or it's wine. However, I can say most of the wines I had were great (I drank more glasses than I would ever a home, because they didn't have reactions) and think importers are missing out by not bringing more in. I see one or two bottles at most in the stores.

Richard Auffrey said...

Thanks for your comment Evelyn, and I'm sure your Douro trip was amazing. Hopefully, more Portuguese wines will end up on your local shop shelves in the near future.