Monday, October 1, 2012

Rant: Drink More Sake Or Godzilla Will Die!

Each time you drink something other than Sake, it creates a tiny crack in Godzilla's huge heart. Collectively, the refusal to drink Sake by massive groups of people has caused significant coronary damage to the mighty Godzilla. If it continues, this gargantuan Japanese treasure could die! So please save Godzilla by drinking more Sake.

Ok, that is not really the case. Nothing is going to happen to Godzilla whether you drink Sake or not. But as today is the 35th Anniversary of Sake Day, it seemed an appropriate subject for a Rant. In all honesty, not enough people are drinking Sake and if that continues, it could become an endangered alcohol. Every year, a number of Sake breweries in Japan must shutter their doors. There is no reason why we should allow that to continue to happen.

The last two years, 2010 and 2011, have seen records exports of Sake from Japan, and the U.S. has been the largest importer. But, the amount we import is still a tiny amount. It is still very much a niche beverage which has yet to catch a widespread appeal. It seems to be growing as a category, yet very slowly. It needs a burst of growth, a viral outbreak of popularity. Sake Day is a time to showcase this great beverage, to try to promote its wonders.

The greatest enemy of Sake is ignorance. Too many people still cling to misconceptions about Sake which prevent them from drinking or buying it. Sake is far more than that cheap, hot stuff you find at some Asian restaurants. Too many people fail to understand its diversity and complexities, its ability to pair well with nearly any food. Too many distributors and wine store owners and employees know so little about Sake, and even if they possess some limited knowledge, it is often erroneous. We must shatter this ignorance.

I have written over 200 articles on Sake, trying to spread my own passion for this intriguing elixir. I have also provided information on numerous other resources where you can obtain Sake information. I teach Sake classes, hold Sake tastings, and preside at Sake dinners. If people have questions about Sake, I do my best to try to answer them. I certainly don't know everything about Sake, and I continue to learn myself. But I am very open with everything that I have learned.

Today, make a pledge to put aside your misconceptions about Sake. Make a pledge to learn more about Sake, to taste different types of Sake, to pair Sake with various foods. I think you will find Sake that you enjoy, Sake that brings you pleasure. I think the history of Sake will fascinate you.

I thank you and Godzilla thanks you too!

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