Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Thelonious Monkfish: A New Sake Menu

Sake lovers need to trek to Central Square in Cambridge, to check out the new Sake selection at Thelonious Monkfish, a restaurant specializing in Sushi & Asian Fusion. Their tagline is "Jazz for the Palate because we love to jam on Asian culinary themes." Now, while enjoying some of their delicious food, you can also pair it with one of their new Sakes, or even try out a special Sake flight.

The restaurant hired me to develop a new Sake menu for them, as well as to give a crash course in Sake to their staff. Based on their needs and the availability from their suppliers, we have introduced 10 new Sakes to their list, and they have retained several other Sakes from their prior menu. We have tried to present some of the diversity of Sake types, as well as keep the prices to a reasonable level. Generally, none of the Sakes on the list will cost you more than twice the usual retail cost, and often less. As such, their Sake prices are some of the best you will find at local restaurants.

The new Sakes, most available in the roughly half-bottle size, include:

--Ohtouka Okayama Namazake 
(An unpasteurized Sake that is aromatic, fruity, and lightly sweet.)
--Hideyoshi Namacho Honjozo
(From a 325+ year old brewery, this Sake was pasteurized once and is aromatic with nutty notes and exotic fruit flavors.)
--Shichi Hon Yari Junmai
(From a 470+ year old brewery that produces only small amounts of Sake, this Sake has a heavy, rich flavor with lots of umami and underlying peach and melon flavors.)
--Ozeki Yamadanishiki Tokubetsu Junmai
(Dry and full bodied with fruity notes of melon and peach.)
--Dewatsuru Kimoto Junmai (Available as a 720ml bottle)
(A rich and earthy style, this Sake has lots of umami.)
--Kaori Junmai Ginjo
(Light and crisp with tropical fruit flavors.)
--Manabito Kimoto Junmai Ginjo 
(From a 425+ year old brewery, this is an exceptional Sake. It is complex, rich, smooth and intriguing. Take your time enjoying this one.)
--Hakushika Junmai Ginjo
(From a 450+ year old brewery, this Sake is smooth, light and fruity. An excellent value Sake.)
--Wataribune 55 Junmai Ginjo
(Made from a rare rice, this is an excellent Sake that is complex, crisp and has nice floral and fruity notes.)
--Yuki no Bosha Daiginjo (Not yet available, but hopefully soon)
(The highest quality grade, this Sake is complex and smooth with delicious and more subtle tropical fruit flavors.)

The restaurant will also be offering a weekly Sake flight, where you can get a taste of 3 different Sakes. The line-up will change each week and give you the opportunity to sample Sake before you purchase an entire bottle. It is also an excellent way to better understand the difference between various Sake types and styles.

In three months, when International Sake Day arrives on October 1, Thelonious Monkfish is also planning to have a Sake celebration. I love their passion for Sake and are hoping that you will check out their new Sake menu.


Domenic said...

Nice job! I really dig the photos- Are these from the restaurant?

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