Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Lion's Diamonds: A New Noirish-Crime Novella

Although I primarily write about food and drink, I've also penned the Tipsy Sensei series, supernatural thrillers centered on a Boston-based Sake expert who learns that the creatures from Japanese folklore are real. I've always enjoyed writing fiction and am pleased to announce that I'm published a new story today.

The Lion's Diamonds is a crime novella, a noirish tale about a diamond heist set in Massachusetts. Recently released from prison, Leonidas "the Lion" Blackwood is already looking for his next score when a perfect opportunity drops into his lap. To appease his parole officer, Leonidas works at a local church doing general cleaning maintenance. He learns that five million dollars in diamonds will be stored into a safe at the church. Leonidas isn't a safecracker but he knows the combination to the safe. The heist should be simple.

However, complications ensue, and Leonidas is soon on the run, trying to elude Russian gangsters, including a psychotic enforcer. Can Leonidas trust the sultry woman he met in a bar? Can he trust an old friend with whom he shared time in prison? Can he trust anyone? Is there any way that Leonidas can escape with the diamonds to a tropical island?

The Lion's Diamonds is available on Amazon as an e-book for only 99 cents. I hope you enjoy reading this new story and I would appreciate any feedback. And if you enjoy it, please also leave a review on Amazon. My new story has already garnered its first Five-Star review!

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