Monday, May 6, 2019

Supporting The Passionate Foodie

On Thursday, May 9, The Passionate Foodie will celebrate is 12th Anniversary! During that time, I've written over 4500 articles, covering a wide range of food and drink topics. As I still love writing these articles, as my passion has not dimmed, I hope to continue doing so for years to come.

During all these years, I've never had any advertising on my blog. Thus, the blog itself generates no income. Freelance writing is also very tough, with far too many publications unwilling to pay much, if anything, for articles. And sometimes, these publications want you to write about their advertisers, even if you don't believe they belong in your article. However, recently, content creators have seen a number of ways, such as Patreon, where their readers can provide some support.

I've decided to join Ko-fi (, where my readers can donate to support my work. If you enjoy my articles, if you find value in my food and drink posts, then you now have the ability to send me a donation so that I can continue to provide the content you enjoy. On my blog, you will also see a Ko-fi button in the left side column. As a start, I've set an initial goal to raise $150 so that I can gain access to a paid newspaper archive that contains millions of valuable articles, which help fuel my historical articles. All donations will go to help me generate additional content for The Passionate Foodie blog.

This is an experiment and I'll reassess this idea in the near future. This is a tough time for freelance writers and we have been discussing ways to continue our work. Some have gone to newsletters, others have upped their advertising. I've chosen to try Ko-fi, hoping my readers have found value in my numerous articles.

So please considering supporting The Passionate Foodie and helping me reach my 20th Anniversary!

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